RO-EDI Systems

The Sanpure RO-EDI combines the abilities of both the Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeionization to deliver water that is < 0.3uS/cm consistently.


The Sanpure RO-EDI System

Key features and benefits

The Sanpure RO-EDI is a robust machine that is generates compendial Purified Water quality that far exceeds the specifications prescribed in the latest USP specifications. The system is designed to be robust, consistent and with all the safety features that ensure the lowest conductivity, microbial counts and TOC values. The system is very easy to operate, with various sanitary features like Auto Sanitization , Auto Flushing, Auto Sleep/ Wake up and many more.



Plug & Play

Pre-wired, pre-tested, skid mounted system designed for consistent performance


Control & Monitoring

Quality instruments that ensure full control and monitoring to ensure quality and safety


High Performance Membranes

RO membranes specially chosen for high rejection, high recovery percentage


EDI Modules

The highest quality of EDI module tested and proven to deliver very low conductivity


Auto Hot Water Sanitization

Designed to run auto sanitization cycles without manual intervention


Compact, SS316L Skid

Skids fabricated from SS 316L, is designed to be compact and easy access of all parts