Enabling Bio-processing efficiently

Fully customized Process Equipment & Systems for bio-pharmaceutical application

Sanpure is well equipped to provide highly customized Process Equipment and Systems for the development and manufacturing of biopharmaceutical products like vaccines, mAB, rDNA protiens, blood fractionations etc. Our infrastructure is amongst the best in the country with complete in-house capabilities, large manufacturing capacity and highly skilled manpower and experienced engineers. Our technical expertise and manufacturing capability is well complemented by our speed of delivery and execution.

Aided by advanced computer-aided design (CAD) technology, we do it right the first time itself, a reason why we deliver faster.

What sets us apart than most is our attention to detail at every area. Our expert team design, engineer and build highly custom engineered equipment and systems to the exact specifications for your unique needs.

Our tanks and vessels are build to perform and last longer as they are built with high quality materials and exacting finishes, providing the functionality that you expect.

Built to exacting specifications and superior quality

From concept through qualification, we cover you by delivering integrated bioprocess solutions for both downstream and upstream processes. With one of the largest integrated facility in the country, you can count on us.

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Process Vessels

Fully custom build, made to standards for highly automated Process Vessels to suit your needs

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Filtration Skids

Filtration skids with automated control for your sterile filtration requirements

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CIP / SIP Systems

Optimal and highly efficient cleaning enabled by our fully automated CIP / SIP systems

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Bio-Kill Systems

Option of both Heat / Chemical inactivation, designed for high efficiency and performance

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Fully integrated, state-of-art facility, enables integrated approach, thus eliminating inefficiency and delays