Our pretreatment system is designed to ensures that the Purified Water Generation system peforms efficiently by tackling the challenges posed by the TSS, hardness, SDI etc. which is removed efficiently by the Pre-treatment system.



Sanpure Pre-treatment systems

Key features and benefits

In most projects, the raw water is always a variable and fluctuating factor. When we design the pre-treatment we take into consideration sufficient safety margin over the 'Raw Water Analysis' report to design a very good and robust Pre-treatment / Potable water generation system. This enables the Pre-treatment system to handle raw water quality fluctuations well and enables Purified Water System to perform efficiently, consistently and optimally.

Our Pre-treatment system is designed with the best components, instruments and equipment. Our design is tried and tested rigorously over the years.

Regional variation in raw water quality is the norm and taking care of the anomalies at the pre-treatment itself is the best solution that we fully understand.


Compact, integrated,
Plug & Play systems

Pre-wired, pre-tested, skid mounted system designed for consistent performance


Auto Backwash / Regeneration

System designed with reliable multi-port valve for auto backwash / regeneration


High performance UF membranes

UF membranes specially chosen to deliver very low SDI values consistently


Integrated In-situ CIP / DIP capability

Fully automated CIP / DIP auto dosing system to ensure timely disinfection