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Turnkey Water Systems

At Sanpure, we take the responsibility of delivering end to end turnkey solutions. From the raw water to the point of use, we work with you to design, engineer, build, install, qualify and service the system throughout its life-cycle. We make sure that the journey that starts with a Raw Water Analysis report, not only ends with water quality that far exceeds the standards set forth in the Pharmacopoeias (USP, Ph. Eu, MHRA, TGA, JP) but also with a much lower operating cost.

You can trust Sanpure to deliver the most efficient and optimized water systems that will deliver the designed quality and quantity at the point of use.

Engineered to deliver consistent quality

Our purified water systems are designed to perform efficiently and deliver designed quality of water, consistently. Every product has been designed and engineered to provide the highest lifecycle value.

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RO- EDI Systems

The RO-EDI system is the heart of the Purified Water System chain and is very critical.

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Ultrafiltration Systems

The performance of RO System depends on it. It has to be reliable and efficient.

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Storage & Distribution Systems

Designed to store & distribute water with minimal degradation in quality.

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Distribution & Process piping

Distribution of water across departments without contamination is a challenge.

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ClO2 Sterilization System

Very effective method of sterilization of at ambient temperature and easy to validate too.

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Ozonation System

Sanitization method, in compliance with the “no added substance” rule of the global pharmacopeias.

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Your Water System is our responsibiity

With over 540 systems installed at more than 125 US FDA approved facilities, you can bet on us!

What sets us apart is the ability to select the most suitable, cost effective process and systems with lowest operating cost and engineer systems to deliver just that. Trust our expertise to guarantee or exceed your end water quality specification.