Disinfection Systems

Disinfection systems are very important and critical to the pharmaceutical water systems. There are many dis-infection methods with each having its own pros and cons. Leveraging our our experience and expertise we help you choose the right disinfection solution with the right automation for effective control.

Sanpure disinfectant system

Key features and benefits

Every disinfection system comes with its advantages and dis-advantages. We offer a variety of dis-infection system including Chlorine-di-oxide (ClO2), Sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), Ozone (O3), UV radiation, Hot Water and Clean Steam. Dis-infection systems chosen by our engineers are optimally designed ensuring proper dosage control, monitoring of the concentration, removal of the residue etc. These controls calls for high quality instrumentation and monitoring and automation to avoid manual errors. We ensure your disinfection system performs as designed.

Chlorine-di-oxide (ClO2) is a very impactful disinfectant, highly water soluble and is very effective in low concentrations. It also produces lesser byproducts and also is effective against bio-films

Ozone is another very powerful disinfectant as it one of the strongest known oxidants. Ozone oxidises all organics, bacteria and other micro-organisms. Ozone is advantageous as it only leaces oxygen (O2) as residue.


Chlorine-di-oxide systems

Fully automated system to produce, monitor and control ClO2 disinfectant


Sodium Hypochlorite systems

Fully automated system for disinfection of raw water in the raw water tank


Ozonation System

Electrolytic Ozonation system that is highly bacteriocidal and produces no residue


Automation & Controls

Dosing, control and monitoring systems to ensure the right dosage is delivered