Purified Water solution for Pharmaceuticals

Date 10 September 2022

Purified water is used in the pharmaceutical industry to make pharmaceuticals. Water can be used for reconstituting products, aiding in synthesis, cleaning agents, and to produce finished products. The USP monographs provide information about the different water grades that can be used in pharmaceutical production, as well as acceptable methods of producing each. Water can generally be divided into two types: packaged water and bulk waters. Bulk waters are often produced at the location where they will be used. To preserve their microbial properties and extend product shelf life, packaged waters are sterilized. Different water grades may be required depending on the particular pharmaceutical use.

What is purified water?

Purified Water refers to a type of pharmaceutical water that is used as an excipient for the production of non-parenteral preparations for pharmacology, including tests and analyses.


Two stages are typically used to purify water systems. They treat the facility’s feed water and must meet local regulations for potable water quality. Pretreatment is the first stage. It modifies water quality to reduce the target contaminant group that could damage or interfere with downstream unit treatment processes. These contaminant groups include suspended solids and hardness. Other scale-forming minerals and disinfectants like chlorine and chloramine are also included. Other contaminants can be addressed by advanced pretreatment, such as organic and biological foulants and total dissolved solids (TDS).

The final stage, also known as preparation, further treats pretreated water to meet final water quality standards. Modern systems usually include at least one reverse osmosis pass to reduce any contaminant group except gasses (e.g. Inorganic, organic, or biological), followed by a polishing stage, such as Electrodeionization, (EDI), or other deionization process to further reduce conductivity below the target level before storage. Based on each application's requirements, additional post-treatment technologies, such as ultrafiltration and submicron filtration can be added.


Sanpure systems have been in operation. They are based upon a proven hot-water sanitizable design that has a robust feature set. This system is proven to produce reliable ambient water for injection and purified water. It meets or exceeds all requirements of major global pharmaceuticalcopeias (USP, Ph. Eur. and JP. Hot water sanitization is a superior method to ensure microbial purity. The systems can be configured to suit the specific needs of each project. The Sanpure system offer a variety of configurations, including 1- and 2-pass reverse osmosis and 6000 MWCO ultrafiltration.


Purified water that is pharmaceutical-grade can be obtained using a variety of methods to achieve the desired levels, based on pharmacopeia specifications. Sanpure has the largest range of purified water solutions in the industry. Our team has over 10+ years of experience in the industry and can assist you at every stage, from design to installation and support. Contact our Sanpure team to learn more about Sanpure's purified water solutions.