Bio-Kill Systems

We design and build continuous / batch bio-decontamination systems that are efficient and effective that suit your needs. We can deliver systems with either thermal or chemical inactivation or a combination of both.


Sanpure Bio-Kill systems

Key features and benefits

We design highly effective and very efficient Bio-Kill systems that enable 100% kill rate that assure safe discharge of the effluent as per the required norms. Whether the inactivation is by chemical or thermal or even a combination of both our system is engineered to guarantee high efficiency and effectiveness. We understand safety and reliability is very important and all our systems are engineered to be highly reliable and safe. We also engineer and build ecofriendly bio-kill systems with reduced environmental impact that eliminates the use of toxic chemicals. All our systems are fully automated with PLC control and easy to operate with an operator friendly GUI.



Effective design

Highly effective system design with 100% kill rate


Eco-friendly, non toxic

Engineered to reduce environmental impact by eliminating toxic chemicals


High thermal efficiency

System designed for high thermal efficiency, low operational cost


PLC Control Panel

Fully automated kill cycles with intuitive touch screen interface


Chemical / Thermal

Choice of chemical, thermal or a combo system


Production / Batch

Option of continuous system or batch operated system