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Leader in USP Purified Water & WFI HTML Storage & Distribution systems & Loop Piping.

USP Purified Water Systems

We understand USP for PFW and WFI better. The difference is Experience. You can depend on us for a reliable Purified Water System that will consistently meet your water needs, because we have been directly or indirectly involved in some of the most critical and prestigious PWF Systems in India.

PFW Generation Systems

Pre-treatment, Sand filters, Softeners, Ultrafiltration Systems, Potable RO Systems etc.

PFW Storage & Distribution

Storage tanks, Distribution Skids, PLC / SCADA based Control Panels etc.

Loop Piping

SS316L Electropolished / Pre-finished Pipes, Orbital Welding, Installation, Testing etc.

CIP / SIP Systems

Programmable wash units, Control Systems, Portable skids, online monitoring etc.